Jelly Yarn Purse

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Here is is the latest project done with Jelly Yarn. I bought the yarn over a year ago and put it away because I did not like working with it. I was going through my closets recently and found plastic yarn I had forgotten about. I did not want the yarn to go to waste, so using a bamboo crochet hook I made this cute little purse.

I will never work with this yarn again...


  1. Wow you know I have heard the expression jelly yarn and I think I thought it was a brand name not a type of yarn and now I know. I am a slower learn at times.

    I love it and I can't wait to show your project to my 8 year old niece who is learn to crochet I think this jelly yarn is something she could have fun with.

    Very cute.

  2. Cute purse!
    Jelly yarn works best with a metal hook. Hand lotion or vinyl protectant(i.e. vinylex) helps with tight tension included with online purchase from
    Yes, Jelly Yarn is a brand : )


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