Dryer Balls

Once my oldest daughter told me that her mother-in-law had some success selling dryer balls at the farmer's market, I thought I would try to make one. The only wool yarn I had on hand was a dull light blue. I would not normally have bought this, but it was on clearance at Hobby Lobby and could not pass it up. I used my scanner to take the picture, that is why it has a bright circle on the ball.

For "artistic" purposes, I wrapped some orange and sock yarn around the ball:

So if you want to make your own dryer ball, here is the link I used to make my dryer ball:



  1. Have you tried them in the dryer yet? Are the holding together well? Was it fun? ;D

    Also, you did not reply to my email. =P

  2. It held together o.k. It is still early yet to know if they work.


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