Upcoming projects

I have one more craft market coming up and should really start thinking of items that would sell over well. I came across this through the the Crochet Partners group and thought this soap cover would be cute to do:

It is a turtle soap cover, though I may into doing other versions of soap covers.

The table fee for the upcoming craft market is $40. I sure hope to make enough to get this cost back plus a little for profit. I want to start thinking about making stuff that would make good Christmas presents. I want to make at least two felted purses, maybe a few more pairs of hat and mittens, and I also plan on doing 6 dryer balls. I am still not convinced on how well they work. Right now I am having issues with my dryer, I think that I have a blockage of lint somewhere. I made a second ball. I thought that maybe two dryer balls might be more effective that one.

The project I need to get moving on is a pair of socks. I have a potential buyer for these socks that I am working on:

This sock was inspired of a Rings of Sarah sock that is in my Knit a Day calendar. The sock in the calendar just has the ring part in the top section of the sock. I plan on having the rings throughout the entire sock. Maybe I will call this sock the Rings of Julie sock.


  1. I want to say most people use between 2 and 6. When I use tennis balls, I use 3 to 6, depending on how many I can find.

    It varies from dryer to dryer, though.


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