Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Late Christmas Trip

I am happy to report that socks I made for my son-in-law fit him and that he is going to enjoy them. I will have to remember that I used a 64 stitch basket weave pattern and that I did 20 repeats of the pattern on the foot, that I used Wool-Ease yarn with size 2 needles.

So the picture I have up is the latest sock I started on the road trip to Lincoln NE. The weather going down was o.k., but the weather coming back was really bad. A nine hour trip turned into a 12 hour trip because of the bad roads. it left us wondering about canceling a road trip next time if the forecast calls for bad weather.

So the sock again in a domino sock from the Socks Two book. I liked how the last one turned out so I am doing it again. I am just using a self stripping yarn to make this. I am also only making the squares in a stockinette stitch. I have already had to frog this sock a few times already, so hopefully I will not have to do that anymore. I it much easier to frog a crocheted project that a knitted project.

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  1. It's more accurate to say that he loves them. He hasn't taken them off in 24 hours. He wears them to bed, and he wore them to work -- and they're apparently very comfortably.

    I think that's a win. :D