Men's Sock

It had always been a challenge for me to make socks that are not for me, but my son-in-law wanted some wool socks. So I am making a pair using Lion Brand's Wool Ease, because it is washable. I have the first sock done. I hope it fits because all I really had is a shoe size. Another challenge I had is I was starting to run low on yarn. I was shooting for an 11 inch foot and I might be short of that. I am also looking at finishing these socks by Jan 9. The family is meeting up then to have a belated Christmas. I had the weekend off to do the first sock, but I am looking at only a few hours a day to finish the second sock by this weekend. I have a feeling that I will be finishing these at the last second.


  1. They look nice! And hey, if they don't fit him they'll fit me. :D


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