Update on Socks and Showing off Felted Bag

Just a quick post because I need to get ready for work and cooking my dinner.

I got my first sock done. I like the color, but I should of stuck with original heal flap pattern as the sock was a little tight around my ankle with the short row heel.

I am also showing off a felted purse. The original pattern is knitted and not felted. I converted it to crocheted and it felted up really nice. I have the link to the purse linked in my "the Cat and Crow" blog I did this past Saturday.


  1. Wow! What a sock! It looks like you used a different type of construction from what I call typical. I base that on the striping of the self-striping yarn. I hope now you don't get SSS (second sock syndrome). My hubby just asked me last night if I am ever going to finish a pair of socks!

  2. what i can say is WOW! great job. really attractive designs. thanks for sharing.
    jd in st louis


  3. Great job! I'd love to try socks as soon as I get a few WIPs done. Love the color of the bag too!


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