MIle-a-MInute Edge

I made this small doily in five minute after looking through Crochet Partners email. Someone is asking for an alternate edging. The Mile-a-Minute edging is one of my favorite edgings. I on several occasions look for a pattern to share on the internet with no luck. So I will share my version with you.

You need to have a row of sc's around the edge.

Ch 7, dc in the 4th chain from hook dc again is the same sc where the ch 7 began,

*sk 2 sc, dc in the next sc, ch3 dc in the top of dc just made, dc in the same sc as the previous dc.*

Repeat this process around the edge, making 3 scallops around the edge.


  1. Lovely design, but before I start, can you tell me if I can use the stitches as they are or do I have to make the singles into doubles etc.. I ask this because American stitches are different to English!


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