Russian Join Practice

A few years back I made a sweater using cotton yarn I got as a Christmas present from my husband. I like the colors of the sweater, but it did not fit right and I thought the cotton made the sweat feel a little heavy. So i decided to tear apart the sweater and recycle the yarn to make up some dishcloths. I came across a technique I never heard of before and thought I would try out the Russian Join to connect the many small balls of yarn. Although it was time consuming to connect the many balls of yarn into a larger ball, in the end I thought I like the end results. Only time will tell if my Russian joins will hold up.

So the pattern used to make up the triangle dishcloths that I made comes from multiple sources. One of the sources is found on the web. The other come from a Sugar and Cream booklet of award winning dishcloths. I was in Michel's yesterday and looked through the booklet and came across the triangle dishcloth. I looked over the pattern in the store and memorized it, it was not that difficult.