Distraction Project - Frilly Crocheted Scarf

Happy Father's Day to all the father's. For some reason we thought it last week and I called him last Sunday to wish him a Happy Father's Day. My step son made a special dinner for his dad last week, and he is getting a another special dinner today.

So I am working hard on a felted purse when I got distracted and wanted to make a frilly scarf. I got a chance to use up some left over over yarn.

The pattern for the scarf:
Made a chain of desired length, about 100, add on 6 more

Row 1: dc in 7th chain from hook. ch3, *dc, ch3* in each stitch of the chain, ending with dc in last stitch.

Row 2: ch 6, dc if first dc, *dc, ch3* two more times in same dc, (dc, ch3) three times in next dc and in every dc across, ending with *dc, ch3*, twice and dc in the turning chain. Finish off.

I finished it off with my crocheted flower pattern. I put a loop on the back, making it an accessory for the scarf.

Here is a video: