Ready to Start New Hobby

I thought I would use my 20+ years experience in the Air Force repairing ground radio equipment to good use and start fixing electronics as a hobby. My husband is 100% behind and has willingly but up the cash to get started. ( I wish he would just be as enthusiastic about yarn) Getting the tools was the easy part, the challenging part has been trying to find the broken items to fix. I have a couple items coming from eBay, but my frustration is constantly being out bid. I am focusing on fixing iPods, but I don't spend much as this is still going to be a learning process for me. So my first victim is an old Xbox we have, the disk drive does not open. So I will see if I can get it working, might need a new disk drive.

Edit: So I successfully got the Xbox apart, but did not find anything that was going to be an easy fix. The Xbox is going to need a new disk drive IF we care about getting it fixed. I will see if I could find a cheep replacement disk drive.