Lacy Fan Bracelet

Edit September 23, 2011: I made some changes to the pattern, It was confusing and did have errors. Thanks for the feedback I received on the pattern, hopefully, the instructions are clearer.  

Edit December 28, 2011, I found myself doing more changes to this pattern to try to make it less confusing.   

Edit April 14. 2012: To add more clarity to this pattern I included a hand-drawn diagram and a Scribd document with more photos.

Edit May 29, 2022: I now have a video on how to make this bracelet. 

I made up a lacy fan bracelet. I did one up using a couple strands of thread, and I made one up using Fantasy, from Dark horse Yarn.

So here is the pattern:
Using and E hook, Ch 12.
Sc in the second chain from hook and sc across. Turn (11 sc)
Row 1:
Ch 1, sc in next sc.
Skip the next 3 sc.
In the next sc (dc, ch1) twice.
In the next sc, dc, ch1.
In the next sc, dc,ch1, dc.
Skip 3 sc and sc in the last sc. Turn

Row 2:
Ch 4, dc in the first sc, ch1.
Skip the next dc,ch 1 space, and dc.
sc in the next ch1 space,dc, and ch1 space.
Skip the next dc,ch 1 space, and dc.
(ch1, dc) twice in the last sc. Turn

Row 3:
Ch 4, (dc, ch1,dc,ch 1)  in next dc.
Skip the next ch1 space ,dc, ch1 space, and sc
sc in the next sc.
Skip the next sc, ch1 space, dc, and next ch 1 space.
In 3rd chain of turning chain, ch 1, (dc, ch1) twice,dc. Turn

Row 4:
Ch 1, sc in dc, sc in ch1 space, and sc in dc.
Skip the next ch1 space, dc. ch1 space.
(dc, ch3, dc) in the next sc.
Skip the next ch1 space, dc, and ch1 space.
sc in the next dc and next 2 chains of turning chain . Turn

Row 5:
Ch1, sc in the next sc.
[(dc,ch1) four times, dc] in the ch 3 space. sc in the last sc. Turn

Repeat rows 2-5 four more times.

Ch1, sc in each stitch across. You can proceed to the Finishing Row and use hole created by the pattern as the button hole
or do the following two more rows:

Ch 1, sc in the next 4 sc, ch 3, skip the next three sc, sc across
Ch 1, sc in each sc and 3 sc in the ch 3 space.

Finishing row:Ch 1, Reverse sc across. Finish off and sew on 1 inch button on the end. Lacy Fan Bracelet


  1. I don't understand this pattern at all. What is the difference between chain one and chain one space? Also I don't understand where to put the double crochets in after you single crochet into the chain space.

  2. Ok I just realized you meant to skip all the things you listed, not skip the first thing mentioned and then DO the next things you mentioned for row 2. Whoops.


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