Mobius Ripple Cowl Pattern

So I did write up a pattern for the ripple mobius ripple cowl.  For the first cowl I used a plastic crochet hook and don't know the exact size. I also used Amazing as the yarn for the cowl. It is self striping colors and I thought the look and the feel was...well..amazing!

So to write the pattern I pulled out a F hook and used worsted weight yarn to test out the pattern. I used two different colors this time and changed colors every round. I think working with self striping yarn would be best as you could see the yarn caring over and would have to make sure it wasn't showing when you wore the cowl.

So here is the pattern:

I would use a a self striping medium to worsted weight yarn - minimum one skein of 50 gram
or use two or three different color yarns.
G Hook ( I used a F hook and it worked out o.k, I would of liked the cowl a little bigger)

Chain 136
Careful not to twist the chain (too much) and joining with first chain to form a loop, *sc in the next  5 stitches, 3 sc in the next stitch, sc in the next 5 stitches, skip the next 2 stitches* repeat around until the last 6 empty chains, sc in the next 5 stitches and 3 sc in the next stitch.

Now the tricky part, your round is not done yet. Continuing along the other side of the starting chain ( you are inserting the "twist" at this point), sc in each of next 5 stitches (matching with each sc from the other side of the chain) , *skip next stitch (if you notice, you have 3 sc in the other side of the chain), sc in the 5 stitches, 3 sc in the skipped ch 2 space from the previous half of the round, sc in the next 5 stitches* repeat around until you meet up with the first sc.

Now the hard part is over.
Working in continuous rounds , Skip first sc *sc in the next 5 sc, 3 sc in the next sc, sc in the next 5 sc, skip the next 2 sc* Repeat...just keep going until you have the desired width (or run out of yarn) ending with a slip stitch in the next sc (ideally at the end of the round). Finish off
So if you going to use two different color yarns, you would change colors at the end of ever round. You could also use three different colors, you would switch colors at the half way point of every round. That would mean that before going to working the other side of the chain you change to your second color, and at the end of the round you would change to the third color. Halfway through the round you should meet up with the first color again.

As always, if there are questions leave a comment or contact me through e-mail.

Here is a video tutorial: