So You Have Decided To Learn To Crochet or Knit

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Years ago I made the decision that I wanted to learn to crochet. I sought out resources that would help me get started.
Today the Internet is a valuable source for instruction on how to learn how to knit, crocheted, or just about any hobby for that matter. I have gone to You Tube for video instructions on knitting stitches I was unfamiliar with.
Make sure one of the places you do go is Ravelry  Ravelry is a community of knitters and crocheters, which has many groups to join, patterns and much more. 
Magazine and Publications
Many (if not all) knitting/ crochet magazines and books have a section in them that show how to do the basic stitches. This was my main resource for learning how to crochet, as I did not have Internet access yet in the early 90’s.
Your Local Yarn Store (LYS)
I think this could be your most valuable resource. Many (If not all) offer classes, but also give advice and tips for free. Every LYS I have been too has a space that anyone can knit/ crochet.  If you have any concerns or question, chances someone at the LYS can help.
Of course if you have friends and family that knit/ crochet, they too can be a valuable resource. If you have the desire to learn, look into these valuable resources to get you on your way.