Thursday's Egg

I have seen quite a few wreaths out there in blog land and Pinterest land, so I decide to make one with an egg hanging in the center

For a ring I started with pipe cleaners, because it is all I had. I think it would be better to use a metal ring. So I did sc evenly around covering the pipe cleaner in my case. for the last 2 sc I made a loop of about 20 or so for the hanging loop.

For the next row I started out with a ch7, dc, ch3, dc in the first sc. In all the remaining sc's I did an dc, ch 3, dc, ch 3, dc. once I got to the last sc I did a ch 3 at the and squeezed a sc around the ring. I made a chain of about 6 and proceeded to make the egg. See Sunday's eggs for the pattern for the egg.

So this is the result. I thought it still looked plain and still needed something.

So I used a pink flower I made a while ago and stuck it to the egg with pins I had just siting in a drawer not being used. I think it added a cute touch to the egg.