Crochet Covered Ball Mason Jars

I was inspired to do this project after seeing it in a blog. I had a few canning jars laying around in a box. Now these jars will add decor to my house (or could be someone else's house if I give them away as gifts.) I did not follow a pattern to make these. I did a circle to cover the bottom of the jar. On the larger Mason Jar I did chain 3 loops for the first row of loops and worked around in chain 5 loops. To make it snug around the top I finished it off with doing chain 3 loops. For the smaller jar I used Salomon's knots to make the net. I did few rows of single crochet an did decreases on the last row to fit snugly over the top.

I have seen a lot of painted/ decorated bottles on Pinterest and other blogs, I may make more of these if this turns out to be a popular trend. This is especially true if friends and family would like some.


  1. Wow....great idea. Love the look, even empty they are so decorative, but what a great vase for flowers. Thanks for sharing, I will have to try.


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