Happy Thanksgiving - Show Your Stuff

It has been a tradition that I started years ago in my adult life to get the house ready for Christmas over the Thanksgiving holiday, probably because it means a four day weekend to do this. Usually my husband is busy cooking a Thanksgiving feast, so in the meantime I get the Christmas decorations out.
However last year my daughter cooked Thanksgiving dinner and this year our son is cooking Thanksgiving dinner. So that is two years in a row hubby did not have to cook. May new traditions will start and our children will cook at Thanksgiving. So I have started getting the house ready,  I brought out past Christmas projects like my granny square blanket, a Catherine wheel runner, my Christmas wreaths, and my Christmas Trees I made last year.I will finish by putting up the tree on Friday.

So this is also a Show Your Stuff Party,  for over a year I have had the party on my other blog, Just Winging It. I have been running the party here also.

So Happy Thanksgiving and...


  1. The tradition definitely changes as the kids get older. I'm learning that too.


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