What are the odds?

What are the odds to have both your husband and you mother-in-law in the hospital at the same time.  I was going to take down Cristmas decorations, but I am putting that off.
I have been taking the prayer shawl to the hospital to work on while I am visiting, I thought it would be easier to bring with only bring one skein of yarn. The pattern is in a prayer shawls books laying around at my church. This is an easy pattern and I do like how it looks.
I am hoping to have this scarf done soon, I have not brought this one with me because I would have to deal with the 3 skeins of yarn.
Hopefully the hubby will come home today, it not we will be watching the 49ers and Packers play in the play off game today. He is the 49ers fan, I am the Packer fan. It is always interesting when these two teams play.

So...Go Pack Go!