WIP Wednesday

So I have this pretty blue prayer shawl I am working on, but  my ends are folding over and I would like to know if I could prevent this or if I am just going to have to block it at the end.


  1. I know absolutely nothing about blocking...which is funny because I knit a lot, but have never actually blocked a project. I like to think of it is character, and let it lay the way it does when I take a project off the needles...probably not the proper way. But, it takes me so long to finish projects, I'm usually just trying to get it finished *enough* to wear :-)

  2. Looking good! Sometimes folding over has to do with the combination of different kind of stitches, I think. If possible you can make the edge larger or otherwise I think blocking is the best thing to do. But others may have better knowledge of the issue. Best of luck with your shawl.


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