I have two dishcloths to share. One is a basket weave pattern using alternating front and back post double crochet. The other is shells using alternating single and double crochet.

I have a craft fair coming up next month, and there will be more wash cloths coming up.


  1. I either need to make some dishcloths or buy some new ones. Mine are done! Yours always remind me to get going with them.

  2. I used to think hand-made dish clothes were a waste of good knitting time and yarn, but after reading about how much people love them over the last couple of years, I have to wonder if I would like some for myself. ;-)

    I like the basket weave one. :-)

  3. They look great, I'm another person who hasn't really got in to making dishcloths but wonders about having a go. I'm not a fan of working with cotton though :-S

  4. I've received them as gifts and always appreciate how long they last.


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