Mobius Scarf

If you visit my previous blog post, you see a grab bag I bought from a LYS. Inside the grab bag was some nice blue yarn and a pattern. The pattern is this Lava Flow mobius scarf. In this pattern I have to twist the scarf and graft the two ends. I have never done this before and will have to visit You Tube, and check out my how-to-books. So I thought I would try out the pattern on the cheaper yarn (Red Heart) before using the more expensive stuff I got in the mystery bag.

It is looking good so far....

Treasures Made From Yarn: Crocheted Socks


  1. It's not too hard if you already crochet. I can't wait to see your "expensive" yarn.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Looks lovely and like Bobbi, am looking forward to soon seeing the marvelous mystery yarn mobius.


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