Slipper Socks

I haven't done socks in a while, so a am making some slipper socks that is similar to my slipper pattern.

I finished one and started a second one. I am only a few rows into it.


  1. Julie, I like them. This one is cute and warm. I like the color. Very nice. I can't knit socks.Only simple things as sjawls :-)

  2. I like these! What pattern did you use? Is it your own? Very nice!! Is this crochet or knit?

    1. It is my own, I am currently experimenting with this pattern.

  3. It is so interesting and creative slipper socks. I like you ideas! This service is very useful!

  4. Sadly I lack skills for this. In another case, I'll try to make them for my own. I guess, that handmade stuff are the best stuff you can get.

  5. i need a partner who can made such type creative accessories especially for me, thanks for sharing such great ideas.


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