I made this sweet unicorn for my aunt. I wish that I had taken more pictures of the unicorn, but this is a cute shot. When I saw the unicorn pattern on Pinterest. I knew I had to make it. My aunt is into unicorns and I made this for her for Christmas. I had this done before Thanksgiving. I live in Nebraska, but most of my family live in Wisconsin. I was going to visit family in Wisconsin for Thanksgiving so I wanted to have it finished before the trip and just have my mom give her the gift.

I ended mailing more gifts anyway.

I got my sister and my brother a scarf. Pictured is a crochet scarf I made for my brother. It is alternating 2 single and double crochet for a ridged effect. I got my mom a Amazon gift card, because she likes to read books on her Kindle. My grandmother, still living at 98, for a couple skeins of Red Heart Stripes yarn in red, white and blue.