Made Up My Slippers

Hello readers,

I created this ribbed slipper pattern  6 years ago. This pattern is my most popular pattern. I am not sure I told the inspiration for creating this pattern. I had come across a vintage knitting pattern and decided to adapt it for a crochet version. I haven’t made slippers in while and decided to make a pair. This way I go over the pattern and make changes if necessary.

One of the many questions is how to make it in different sizes. The slippers I have made yesterday is with a H hook (the first hook I found). The plan is to see if it would work with larger size feet. That plan died when I realize I did not have enough yarn to finish a set. You can't tell from the photo, but I finished up  the send slipper (far left in the photo) with the variegated. I did try the slipper on my husband feet, it was defiantly wide enough, I just did not make it long enough.

I was never really happy about the heal, I just sewed it up on the original pattern. I had experimented with a different way to do the heal. I lined up the back and did alternated front and back post sc around the corresponding stitches. I not too much of fan of this either as it go harder to do as I reached the bottom of the slipper. So for now I will leave the heal pattern as is.

I can see why this is my post popular pattern. It is comfy and cozy slipper. It also looks cool.