Blue Sky Cardi

Modeling my latest project is my granddaughter Abigail.
 I found this cute jacket on Pinterest.
 I had used Caron Simply Soft Yarn for this project. As you can see on the back side I started out on blue. The basic pattern has you do a main square first. Then front side panels, then sleeves.  I was hoping the one ball of yarn would be enough. I was wrong. I had other colors of the same yarn in my stash, so there is yellow, gray, and green thrown in the mix. I did the 2T size, the pattern could go up to a size 10.
I am glad that it fits and I hope it will still fit as we approach fall and winter. You all know that kids can grow like weeds.

I have already given you the Pinterest link, here the actual link for the pattern.

There is also an adult version of the pattern in case you feel like doing a mother daughter thing.

I hope to do the adult version in the near future.