Braid Trimmed Coat

I have been fortunate to be gifted with a collection of Workbasket magazines. If you are not familiar with the publication, it is a crafting magazine that catered to all kinds of crafts. The publication started out in October 1935 until March 1996.

The particular pattern I am working on is the one on the cover from January 1972. It is the Braid Trimmed Coat.

So as you can see from the photo below I am using all sorts of scrap yarn is going into this coat. It is going to look funky when it is done, which hopefully will be before the cold weather is done. What I have pictured is the start of the back. I was thinking of doing the braid trim in all black. This project is also suppose to have a zipper. I don't think I am going to include a zipper, but I could change my mind. I am not sure how I am suppose to attach a zipper to a crocheted fabric. I mave to consult the Internet for advise. Please feel free to share any advise on how I am suppose to add a zipper.

I am a fan of make projects using up my scrap yarn, here are my other past projects: