My Dress is Done!

I finally finished my dress I wanted to make for an upcoming cruise next month. The pattern for this dress is found on You Tube. The hardest part of this dress for me was to figure out the neck opening. It took me about 3 tries to get the opening right. Once I got the opening to where I want it the rest of the dress wasn't difficult to do.

I picked 7 skeins of Latte Cakes in Blackberry. It is mostly purple and I like purple. The video used  Alize Real 40 yarn in the dress. If I were to do this dress again, I would pick a lighter weight yarn. I like how Latte Cakes feels, but it feel heavy and I am going to wear this dress in warmer weather. However I am looking forward to show off this dress. I will have to share future photos of me wearing the dress.