Second Version of the Doll Dress

Here is the next version of of the doll dress. I ran into the same problem I did with the first dress. I was short on yarn and ended up a little short. So the yarn in this dress is what I got in a Lucky Bag (grab bag) from Hobbii. I had ordered this bag from my birthday. I had some green yarn left over from the shawl project and thought it would be enough for a dress. I guess I did but I would of liked it to be longer, but I just ran out.

I did not mention in my first version is that this dress opens in the back. 

There is going to be a third version because the plan is to still write a pattern. I plan on using Baby Bee yarn an a size E hook. Though I have been using B on these versions, I would like to try it out on a size E.  Not sure when that will be. I am working on a pair of socks and a circular purple blanket.



  1. Running out of yarn on doll clothes is a common challenge of mine.


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