Baby Items

 I have been asked to make some baby items for my husband's co-worker, who is having a girl. This doll has a hat I just did.

I one one skein left of Latte Cakes from my dress. I used my Textured Dishcloth pattern and just made it big enough to make a blanket.

Finally I have the "Goosebumps"  baby hoodie I did following a You Tube video

I used one 10 ounce Red Heart Super Saver yarn and a size I hook. Even though I already had a lot of buttons. I could not find anything that would work with the hoodie so I found some colorful buttons at Michaels. 

Looking though the different colored thread I had to match the color of the buttons, I thought it was cool to find a vintage K-Mart brand in my collection. I am assuming that it had belonged to my mom since she use to work at K-Mart many, many years ago.

I am sure at some point I am going to make more items, I still have some more baby jackets I want to make.


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