Showing off Some Projects

Just a quick blog post. The shells tree is a new crocheted tree, I like how it turned out so it is time to write out a pattern. I did the tree next to it years ago and I do have a pattern for it here.

My cat gambit. I made the baby sleeper recently and I made the other doll years ago. I may make another one again if I can find the pattern. It is going to be in one of the magazines I have.

I did this cowl following a Mainstay Yarn label. The cowl it made up of left over yarn I had. 

I cant remember if I posted anything about this hat before, but I followed a You Tube tutorial for this hat.



  1. Amazing! My knitting pretty limited. I admire yours!

  2. It looks like you've been quite busy!
    I wish you a very joy-filled Christmas. Thanks for sharing your creations at


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