Barbie Clothes

I bought a Barbie so I can make clothes for her. It worked out that I had enough scarp yarn to make poncho/ skirt,  beret, and shirt.

The poncho/skirt pattern found here. I initially made the poncho to be worn as a poncho. Turns out it works well as a skirt.

I made a crochet beret after seeing a blog post about how to make a felted one. You can find that post here. The post include how to make the crochet beret and the link to make a felted one. I did not follow a pattern to make the shirt. The first three round of the shirt are same as the poncho, but I improvised from there. I was initially going for long sleeve, but I ran out of yarn. 

I also made socks for Barbie. I also did not follow a pattern for this.

Finally I have the coat  that I initially made for another doll. Turns out coat is a little big for the Barbie too. Defiantly more Barbie related posts to come in the future.

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