Done For Now

This shawl is the Granny Kimono Shawl. Unfortunately it is about the size of a cape. I had two skeins of the Puzzle yarn. One in a reddish color and another in Green. It was clearly not going to be enough. I proceeded to go to Michaels to find a similar bulky weight yarn. I opted for Homespun.  I got three more skeins to blend in with the existing yarn, which it did. I still ran low and it still not long enough for a kimono, but it at least goes to the waist.

I ran out of red for my last row and a on a whim threw in the green I have left. I would like to make it longer, but I would have to purchase more bulky weight yarn. For now I am declaring the project finished.

 As for the pattern, I followed a You Tube tutorial. It is easy to do. I have include the video in this post. The project in the video uses Red Heart Yarn. In the future I will use Red Yarn yarn.

Or I will use up my scraps.


  1. It is still a great looking project. I understand when you just have to say Done with something though. Thanks for sharing it. #HomeMattersParty


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