Yellow Hat

This might be destined to be my new profile pic on a either Facebook or Twitter. My husband was admitted to the hospital because he we having trouble breathing. Turned out he has a bad heart valve. The yellow hat is a hospital project. I worked on it while I was visiting.  You will see the hat again in a later post. I plan on sharing this hat in June's Pinterest Challenge.

I usually don't post sky pics on this blog, I usually do that on my Wordless blog. Since we were on the subject of hospitals, I took these after a visit with my husband.

I will be sharing this with Skywatch Friday.



  1. Nicely composed,speedy recovery and stay safe

  2. Beautiful skies, and wishing your husband a speedy recovery!

  3. Greetings and Salutations! Did he have the TAVR procedure? My husband, John, had 30 per cent breathing capacity. After a TAVR operation, he could breathe 100 percent. Sending thoughts and prayers your way. Beautiful skies. Love that yellow hat. Take care.

  4. It's a great profile picture! I just stopped by to admire your skies! Hope Mr Treasures is feeling better.
    Wren x

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