Crochet Market Bag

 My newest pattern is this cute market bag. This pattern has a base of single crochets and the pattern stitch is alternating v-stitches and 3 double crochet groups. Somehow working on this video has been a beast. First, it was the Fourth of July, so there are some fireworks going off. Second, I did not have enough yarn to complete the project, that is why the top half is done in a variegated green, and finally, you would think of shooting videos for a year now I would know to make sure I am crocheting on screen. I do go off-screen a couple of times in the video. I am still trying out different ways of shooing my videos.

I was considering frogging the green and just getting more of the color I was working with. I decided to just keep it the way it is. It gives it character. I have already taken this market bag to the grocery store. That is one less plastic bag in the landfill.

I am, overall, excited about how the bag turned out. The only thing I would do differently is to add more rows of single crochet at the base before moving on to the pattern stitch.

So here is the written pattern, I will have the video following the pattern,


At least 400 yards of medium-weight cotton yarn
Size H crochet hook.
4 stitch markers

Foundation Row:
Chain 33, 3 sc in the second chain from the hook,  mark the second sc with a stitch marker. sc in every chain until you reach the last chain (30 more sc), 6 sc in the last stitch. Mark the 2nd and 5th sc. sc in every stitch on the other side of the foundation chain until you reach the last chain that had the 3 sc in it, put 3 more sc in the stitch. Mark the second sc for that group. So you have 6 sc on each end and 30 sc on each side. Total 72 sc.

Working in continuous rounds.

Row 1:  *sc in each stitch until you reach a marker, put 3 sc in the marked stitch, and put the marker in the second sc of the 3 sc group.* Repeat around
Row 2-3: repeat row 1, the final sc count is 96.
Row 4 - however many rows you want for your base: sc evenly around

Start the pattern stitch for the bag.

Starting V-stitch = chain 4, dc in the same space
V-stitch = dc, ch 1, dc in the same space

Row 1: slip stitch in the next sc, chain 4, dc in the same stitch (Starting V-stitch). skip 2 sc, *[dc, ch1, dc (V-stitch)] in the next sc. skip 2 sc *Repeat around, join with 3rd chain from the beginning chain 4. slip stitch into the chain 1 space. 32 V-stitches

Row 2: chain 3, do 2 more dc in the V-stitch, * in the next V-stitch do 3 dc* repeat in every V-Stitch around. Join on top of beginning chain 3. Thirty-two 3 dc groupings or clusters

Row 3: Slip stitch in the next 2 dc, slip stitch in the space BEFORE the next dc, do Starting V-Stitch, *V-stitch IN BETWEEN the 3 dc groupings* repeat around.  Join with 3rd chain from the beginning chain 4. slip stitch into the chain 1 space. 32 V-stitches

Row 4-22: Repeat Rows 2-3 ending on row 2.

Make the handle:

Working in continuous rounds again.

Do one row of single crochet in each stitch.

Find the 3 dc grouping at the end of the row. The handle is going to start in the 6th group from the end. For me, it had worked out that the beginning of the row was on the 6th group. If, by chance, the last sc of the row is not on the 16th sc from the end of the bag, sc until you are there.

Row 1:sc in the next sc, chain 30, skip 16 sc, sc in the next 32 sc, chain 30, skip 16 sc, sc in the remaining stitches.

Row 2-4: sc in every stitch around. Finish off by doing a slip stitch in the next stitch.

Here is the YouTube video

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  1. Beautiful bag Julie! Thanks for sharing at Inspire Me Monday at Create With Joy! :-)


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