July Pinterest Challenge - Market Bags

Hello! and welcome to this month's Sustainable Pinterest Challenge.  This month is to reduce single-use products or upcycle single-use products.

It was a no-brainer for me to make a market bag.  I personally use reusable bags (or use paper bags) whenever I am shopping.

I think there are hundreds of crochet patterns on Pinterest for market bags, here are a few I pinned:

I did not use any of these patterns. I just whipped up a couple of market bags I liked the pattern stitch I saw in one of many pattern books and incorporated into a bag. The yarn I used to make the bag was vintage. I forgot what it was called, but it was  viscose yarn. This particular bag would work out to put produce in.

This bag I made a front and back panel. I made the sides and bottom connecting the front and back panel along the way.  I have already used this bag to carry groceries.
This in one side of the bag.

This is the other side of the bag.


Now it is time to see what everyone else did.

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  1. Julie, I envy anyone who can just whip up (crochet) a beautiful market bag just like that! These are so cool to carry and use to replace plastic bags - and they look fabulous, too!

  2. Your bag is so pretty, what a lovely stitch. These kind of bags are perfect for fruit and vegetables aren't they, they way the stretch to fit the shapes can help avoid getting things too squashed.

  3. Your bags are awesome! I really like the colorful bag you created. That looks like a really fun stitch! I've also started making bags, and I'm always looking for fun bag patterns, so I will definitely check out the bags you found on Pinterest as well.

  4. That style bag is so handy for project bags, too. Love them and the yarn you've chosen.


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