Etsy Mystery Yarn Purchase


I do like purchasing mystery yarn, actually mystery bags/gifts in general.  So recently I purchased some mystery yarn bags. 

I bought 2 packages from IV Fibers. I should note that I did not buy 2 at once, I bought them within weeks of each other.

I got another package from Simply Creative Shop.

Overall, I am happy with the yarn I got. I have several ideas on what I am going to do with the yarn. The yarn from IV Fibers feels soft, like Caron Simply soft. Those could be going into a blanket or other garment. The yarn from the Simply Creative shop was remnants or acrylic yarn that feels like Red Heart Super Saver yarn. One of the projects I am considering making is this Crochet Stroller Pouch.

Here are the videos I did about the Etsy yarn hauls, you can get a closer look at the yarn I got:

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  1. I enjoyed watching these mystery hauls! I'm a fairly new crocheted (less than a year) and I am beyond impressed that you can look at and feel the yarn and tell the brand! I have a question tho......when you do these mystery bags do you use them for small projects or match several colors and types for a large project? Thanks!!


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