Small Shell Fingerless Gloves

Edit Jan 14, 2020:
So further insight into these glove, see this post:

I have many works in progress going on right now. I am still working on the second sock of the domino sock and started a knitted wool bucket bag, which will be felted. I did these fingerless gloves last week. The scanner did not do justice to the actual colors of the gloves. The colors are more of a woodland camouflage. I did this pattern using a size F hook and the yarn I used is Deborah Norville Everyday Soft Worsted. I thought the gloves turned out a little bit small. Even though it says worsted weight, it looks more like a sport weight yarn to me. I have another ball of the same yarn in a reddish multi-color. I may try that using a G hook.

If you are using a worsted weight I would stick with the f hook. The gauge I got for a previous pair of gloves I made is 1 1/2 inches for 5 rows for shells, and 3 shells across.

So here is my pattern:

Form Cuff:
Ch 11, sc in 2nd chain. Sc across, Ch 1, turn
Row 1: sc in back loops across.
Repeat row 1 for 22 more rows. 12 ridges

Turn work on the side.
3 sc (small shell) into each ridge. 12 small shells.
Working in rounds, small shell into each middle sc of each shell.
Work for 4 more rounds.
Note: you could continue to work in the back loops. It does create a nice effect or you can work in both loops.

Form thumb
At the end of the fifth round, 2 Sc in next 2 sc (that is the 3rd sc of the 12th shell and the first sc of the first shell) Mark the first and last stitch of the thumb increases.
Small shell in the middle sc of the next 12 small shells.

2 sc in first marked sc, sc in next 2 sc, 2 sc in last marked sc. Mark the last and first stitches of the thumb increase.
Small shell in the middle sc of the next 12 shells
Repeat thumb increase until there are 12 sc between first and last shell.
Then do 12 small shells around, forming the opening of the thumb

Then do 5-7 rounds of the 12 small shells. depending on how long you want the length of the glove. For the last row, do sc, ch3, sc in each shell, slip stitch in next sc. Finish off hand.

To finish the thumb, attach yarn to thumb opening and do 14 sc around. do 2 more rows of 14 sc.
For last row, in next sc, (sc, ch3, sc, skip 2 sc) repeat around 4 more times, join with first sc. finish off. Note: there is only going to be one skipped sc for the last repeat.

Sew up seam for the cuff


  1. I love fingerless mittens! These are very pretty. I like the cuff on them and the thumb hole. I'm always interested in trying different patterns for these so thanks for sharing. I'm become a follower too.


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