Seed Stitch Hat

 I have made yet another hat, I have recently ben making projects that involve the seed stitch. I really like the texture of this stitch. I thought that I would try it out on a hat. I like how it turned out, it is really stretchy. The only thing that I did not like about the hat is how the decrease turned out. It puckers too much at the top. Overall the hat is still cute. I like the colors of this hat.
 As I mentioned in my last post, I want to start doing more of like a diary of my projects that I am working on and give many detail about the projects.

The yarn: Unfortunately I can not give any details about the yarn. I had reused the yarn from a previous project I torn apart. All I can tell you that it is light weight, maybe DK weight.

Needles: I used four 3.5mm or size 4 double pointed needles.
The pattern: I did not follow a set pattern for this hat. A lot of my of projects involve me winging it. The hat is done all in the seed stitch. I have 24 stitches on each of the 4 needles, which is 96 in total.
I did one row of K1, P1, the next row is P1, K1. I repeated these two rows until the hat measured 6 inches
When it came time to decrease, I made sure I finished a P1,K1 row.
1: K2tog, K,P,K,P,K,P - repeat
2: K,K,P,K,P,K,P- repeat
3: K2tog,P,K,P,K,P - repeat
4: K,P,K,P,K,P- repeat
5: K2tog,K,P,K,P - repeat
6: K,K,P,K,P- repeat
7: K2tog,P,K,P - repeat
8: K,P,K,P- repeat
9: K2tog,K,P - repeat
10: K,K,P- repeat
11: K2tog,P - repeat
12: K,P - repeat
13: k 2 together around, cut off a tail long enough to sew through the loops to cinch off the top. Finish off the ends. 

I thought that that after I was finished that it puckered too much at the top for my liking. If I do this hat again, I would try to do some adjustments to the decrease. Overall the hat did fit, but it was little snug. I may end up gifting this hat to one of my grandkids.