Tis the Season for Making a Lot of Stuff

The holiday season usually means scrambling to making gifts, décor, and stocking stuffers. I do try to make items throughout the year to could be used as gifts. It doesn't always seem to work out and now I have been working projects for the past month. So now I am sharing some of my projects that will go out as gifts

The first scarf is a creation I had come up with. Using two colors, I would switch colors in the middle of the scarf.  You might notice that one color is on one side of the scarf and the second color is on the other side.
These next two scarfs are made with Red Heart Heat Wave. I have seen it at Michaels and had to buy some to make as gifts. The blue scarf is just a seed stitch. I have come to like how the seed stitch looks. I did the scarf using 27 stitches on a size 9 needles (5.5mm). One ball did not quite go to 60 inches, so you might need more that one ball for a longer scarf or make it narrower by going down to 23 or 25 stitches. If you are not familiar with the seed stitch, here is a link to a You Tube tutorial. 

With the ball of grey I had made a Neck Warmer Scarf. I have seen it done on a Facebook group I follow and I had to make one.

I am really getting into making miniature hat ornaments.
click on the above link.
I had come across a cute whale pattern on You Tube. This is an easy pattern that could be done by beginners. I made this for the Advent Angel program going on at our church.
So this ornament I made for my brother. I made an attempt to make Captain America's shield. I thought it turned out o.k. I hope he like it.
 I love this pattern for two of the Christmas balls I had made up. The pattern to make them can be found here.

I printed out a pattern for the loopy dish cloth in the early 2000's. Unfortunately I can no longer find the pattern on the web.

Pattern for these two doilies can be found here.
The pattern for this final doily can be found here.