How the Coronavirus Affected our Vacation Part 1

In 2018 my husband and I had taken a cruise to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary.
We enjoyed it so much that we had booked one for March 2020. We had been anticipating this for a while and was looking forward to this vacation.

Then we have the Coronavirus. We have seen the news stories about coronavirus outbreaks on 2 of the Princess cruise lines. I was getting concerned about how this was going to affect our cruise. Our cruise date of March 14 was coming up and I had concerns about being quarantined (probably more so than getting sick). I have had family members, friends, and co-workers saying that we should probably cancel. My husband, in the meantime, is not at all phased by this. He is still excited at this point about the trip.

The plan is to drive to New Orleans (from Lincoln, NE). We would take two days to drive there. I still have anxiety over the trip, so to help I try to plan what projects I would work on during the trip. My husband is doing the driving so that leave me with working on a project, or in this case I would have three projects done by the time this vacation is over.

I did not mean to have my foot in the picture

The first project I have completed is the Which Way Filet Blanket. There is a You Tube video on how to do this blanket. Find it here. As you can see, it is not a good idea to use a variegated colored yarn. You can not see the cool filet pattern. So next time I will have to used a solid color.

I had some yarn left over so I made this little gift bag. This bag is based off Jayda-in-Stitches You Tube video.

The final project is this shawl. It is Shawl in a Ball yarn from Lion Brand. The color is Soothing Blue. The pattern  is from Lion Brand. It is project #L50172.
 On March 12 we head for New Orleans. During the trip we had learned the Princess Cruise line was shutting down operations. We are booked through Carnival. So during the drive I am looking into weather our cruise was still going on. We eventually stop for the day in Sikeston, Missouri. I have come across a You Tube video the basically states that they were not going to let anyone sail that has a chronic health condition. Since my husband has diabetes, it appears that we will not be allowed to go on the cruise.
On March 13 we determined that we are not going to go on our cruise. We had to fill out on online form to determine if we want to book a cruise in the future or get a 100 percent refund. We had decided to book a future cruise. So now we were faced with what to do next. We did not want to go home yet, though with the Coronavirus threat, it might of been a wise decision to just go home. After discussing a few ideas with the hotel clerks, we decided to go Branson, Missouri. Neither of us have ever been there. So we head out.

This vacation story will continue...
Part 2 is here.


  1. My Turkey trip is cancelled. Will rebook sometime in the Fall, God willing.

    Stay safe.

    Worth a Thousand Words

  2. My trip to Italy on March 9th was cancelled. The tour operator refuses to give us a full refund and wants to postpone the date to September. My son's semester break doesn't coincide with that date so we are kinda in a quandary now.

  3. I'm sorry to hear your cruise was cancelled. I'm glad y'all were able to find something else fun to do! I have spring break coming in early April; no plans yet but I suspect I won't be able to go. I have managed to get a lot done around the house during the quarantine tho. Hopefully the rest of your month goes well.

    With Love,

  4. I feel your pain. 3 much-anticipated trips have been cancelled. But... thanks be to God, we're healthy and "sheltering in place". Hope you, too, are well.
    Thanks for sharing at


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