How the Coronovirus Affected our Vaction Part 2

Here is a continuation of our trip. To recap, we were going to go on a cruise departing from New Orleans. We had to cancel this trip and decided to go to Branson, Missouri.

On March 13th we head off to Branson. It was a four hour drive from where we had stopped for the night. My husband had found a good deal on a hotel room on Travelocity. I had texted family members about our change of plans. Most were wondering if any of the shows where going on. I had seen a Murder Mystery dinner online. As luck would have it this show was still going on. I had booked this show. I also realized that the clothes I had packed were for warm weather. So as soon as we got to Branson I had bought 3 pairs of jeans. I had a jacket with me, but I had wished I had my winter coat. It was cold and rainy for a few of those days.

As it turns out, I have a voice mail from Carnival Cruise the morning of March 14, they have officially cancelled our cruise and all cruises through early April. ( can't remember which day). This had made my husband feel better as he now did not feel that he had ruined our vacation. We had two shows to go to, the first on is the mystery dinner theater. This show was hilarious. in the picture below is the list of characters who we had to figure out how the murderer is. It was also audience participation.

The second show we say that evening was The Haygoods.

We enjoyed this show. It ia a group of musically talented family of 5 brothers and a sister. Now keep in mind that at this points a lot of stuff in the world is getting cancelled, both of these events had way more than 50 people present. Over all we did not have any issues yet of eating in restaurants and booking shows.

On March 15th we visited The Titanic museum and had done another show.

I could not take any pictures inside, The Titanic museum was an interesting site. The bandmaster's violin is on display here for a limited time and I am glad that it worked out that we got to see it. Going through this museum was a sobering reminder how much of tradgedy this event was. The show we got to see is Legends in Concerts.
This particular show featured Elvis, Garth Brooks, The Temptations, and the Blues Brothers. I guess the chows change 4 times in a years. We went to an afternoon show. Not a lot a people at this show at all, which might of been a good thing as we really are suppose to be keeping our distance. 
 We had also on this day went to the Butterfly Palace because my mom said she had been there and liked it. I like it but my husband could of done without going here. We also played some miniature golf.

On March 16th we went to the Toy Museum. I think this was one of favorite things to do on this trip. there were a lot of toys here from our childhood. I took a lot of pictures.

I saw this huge knitted Raggedy Ann and I think that I would like to make this doll in the future. I might do a blog post in the future just about the toy museum and the crochet and knitted items I could make in the future. Then we saw the Acrobats of Shanghi.

It was a good show, Also a good turn out. From what we saw, the Coronavirus did not seem to stop people (to include us) from coming to the shows and vacationing in Branson.

But on March 17 the realities of the Coronavirus had all the shows in Branson cancelled. We at one point had booked 4 more shows . One of the lasts things we did in Branson we go to the fish hatchery  and I walked the trails of some of the surrounding lakes. At least it wasn't raining and it was warm enough, though I would of liked it to be a little warmer.

 This turtle is an example of why we should not litter.

So one of last things we want to do was to see Fantastic Caverns in Springfield, Missouri. My husband even called to see if they were still open. They were still operating at the time of the phone call, but when we got there the next day, they were closed.

At that point we knew our vacation was offically over, and we just headed home. 

We enjoyed our time in Branson and we will likely go back in the future and see attractions that we did not get to see.

Stay safe everyone. 


  1. We have been to Branson and enjoy ourselves, lots and lots of shows, and big and little museums. Glad you were able to salvage your vacation. I predict a big party when this ends. I think that is is going to take a lot longer than what most people think.

  2. I expect it will be months not weeks before we are safe to visit theatres and restaurants again. It seems no country in the world is going to escape this virus.


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