Latest Projects

 This bag is similar to the crochet linen stitch bag I have done previously. It is all done in the linen stitch to include the base. The linen stitch is just single crochet and chain 1. You do the single crochet's in the chain one spaces. There is no pattern for this (yet). I just winged this.

This is a Christmas tree using my Christmas Tree pattern. I made this tree larger than the pattern. I used the yarn I had left over from the baby hoodie. Please excuse my mess in the closet.

Finally I have this really big bag. This is the second large bag I have made. I am storing some finished projects in my first bag and this newest bag has two blankets in it. This is not likely going to be last big bag I make.


  1. I have never been able to get the knack of crocheting. Thanks so much for sharing your good work.

  2. I love all the colour it look very pretty. I am a creative person but crocheting is something I could never get right. I spent more time undoing it.

  3. I love your colourful christmas tree and that big bag looks SO pretty and practical. Thank you so much for stopping by at Handmade Monday to share these ideas with us.


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