How I Crocheted My Small Shell Floppy Hat

This hat is still a work in progress when it comes to coming up with a pattern. This hat features the 3 single crochet small shell I use in my Small Shell Socks (, Toe Up Small Shell Sock Pattern ( and Small Shell Fingerless Gloves (

  If you have seen my last post, you may have noticed that I started out making this hat with blue worsted weight yarn.

You may notice that the finished hat is in white. The blue hat was too small, so I frogged it (ripped it out) and went to white and a larger hook, a size J hook. My white hat has a rippled on top, I am not a fan of this, but I will give you rough pattern:
The materials include a worsted weight yarn and a size J hook.
For the white hate: I started out with 6 sc in a magic ring and doing 3 sc (small shell) in each stitch, and then skipping a stitch and doing a small shell in the next stitch. 

For the blue hat, I started out with 6 sc in a magic ring did a small shell in the first stitch then went into skipping a stitch and doing a small shell in the next stitch, This seemed to work out better.

I kept doing the increases until I got to 96 stitches. Then I did it even, which is doing a small shell in the second sc of a small shell of the previous row. Do this until the hat was long enough, about 6 inches. 

To make the brim, I did an increase by doing a small shell in every other stitch for one round, did an even round. I did another increase round , then did 2 rows even. I did one more increase round and three (maybe it was 4) even rows and finished off.

Clear as mud. Well, I will keep on perfecting the pattern of this hat. In the meantime I could end up with multiple small shell brimmed hats among my collection of finished projects.


  1. ...a lot of experimenting is necessary.

  2. Don't you love the fact that you can just wing it with things when crocheting and that a different hook size can make all the difference. Your hat looks fab by the way!


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