Hyperbolic Hats

 My grandson had brought up the conversation of hyperbolic crochet while we were visiting my mom, I had some yarn with me on the trip to make a simple hyperbolic ball.

Then he asked if I could make a hat. At the time I said I would put some thought into it and come up with a hat.

So a few weeks go by and I go to baby sit my grandkids and grandson asks if I had made that hat yet. Well, I did forget. My daughter and I go to Walmart to get yarn to fix a jacket I made my grand daughter a few years ago, with the left over yarn I was able to make two hyperbolic hats.

This is the first one. I started with a hyperbolic design on top and started to add other hyperbolic designs through out the hat, What started to evolve was how I had the hyperbolic design spiral down.

Here is the second hat I did trying to have the hyperbolic design spiral down. I also incorporated front and back post crochet as I finish up a hyperbolic section.

So I did not follow any pattern and I am not sure how I feel about both of the these designs. I also only had a K hook with me, which is larger that I would of normally used. I am not sure when I would get around making another hat like this. The important this is that the grand kids are going to enjoy these hats.