Christmas Gifts

 It is probably not a good idea to post my Christmas gifts before Christmas. First I am not going to tell you who got what and second my recipients probably don't read my blog anyway. To be fair, I don't have any other family or friends that knit or crochet.

The first things I got done are the Circular Net Ornament. I did make a video on how to make these. I have a few on my tree, but I did mail some off as gifts.

Next I have made some snowmen. I did not follow a pattern for the snowman, I just winged it.

First I have my "cat" snowman that looks more like a mouse. So this snowman is going to the recipient that is into cute mice.

I made a cape and a hat for my second snowman. I think the nose looks a little big, but cute over all.
My final snowman will glow in the dark. I was going through my stash and forgot I had this yarn.

I also made some dishcloths. I like this pattern and am going to have to write one out. I made four of these.

I also made a feather and fan shawl. I hope that it is going to be long enough for the recipient. I like the colors of the shawl. You can find the You Tube tutorial here.

Next I made some decorative bows to put on the packages.
I made some hyperbolic balls to but on some of the gifts and I discovered a crocheted bow here

Finally I made some super cute Santa Clause ornaments. (click the link for the You Tube tutorial)So far I have made two. Right now their hanging on my tree, but I might be giving these away as gifts.

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