Vintage Knitted Sweater


I made a short sleeve sweater following a vintage pattern.  It is worked in two identical pieces from the top down. Because it was going to be a garment I wore, I actually did a swatch to check gauge. The pattern called for 11 stitches to equal 2 inches. I got 9 stitches to equal inches. Instead of making another swatch, I did some math.  To fit me, I figured I needed 39 inches across the top, and after making the decreases for the sleeves, It needed to be down to 21 inches. 

The pattern called for sewing down a hem for the neckline, I thought I would embrace the natural curve of the fabric you get when working a stockinette stitch. I rib at the bottom of the sweater. I wish I had had a garter stitch at the ends of the sleaves. The original pattern did not call for it and I wished I had thought of it before I finished the sleave part of my first piece. I ended up doing two rows of single crochet around the edges of the sleeve.  I ended up needing 5 skeins of Craft Smart yarn to complete this project. Each skein was about 215 yards. So close to 1,000 yards to complete this project.

Overall, I would make this again. It actually fit me.

The pattern came from this book: