Some Recent Videos I Have Up

 It has been a while since I updated the videos I have out. I have started two new video series. Finish it Friday and Scrubby Sunday.

Finish It Friday covers projects I plan on finishing before my weekly WIP video.

Scrubby Sunday Covers make dishcloths for home veterans. The finished dishcloths are going to be sent to The American Starfish.

In the latest video I did not plan on making, I answered a question on how to knit in the round. I usually don't knit in the round on circular needles, I use double-pointed needles. You can check out that video {Here}

Since I have started the Scrubby Sunday series, I have done two dishcloth tutorials and I plan on doing another one soon.  

I finished up the Christmas in July series, You can find that playlist {Here}.

I have been doing YouTube regularly now for two years and it still is a learning process. I started out with just making tutorials and I have now expanded to doing yarn community content. I still have not done any lives yet and I am thinking about doing a giveaway. Maybe instead of doing a giveaway on YouTube, I will do that here in this blog. Something to think about.

That is all I have for now, do check out my channel for my latest yarn content.

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