OffSet Spider Stitch Dishcloth

Here I do an off-set spider stitch dishcloth. It is offset because for some reason I was having a hard time doing the single crochet, chain1, and single crochet in the chain1 space. So I thought I would do it in the second single crochet.

Materials for the dishcloth include:
Size 3 or 4 cotton yarn
Size g hook.
scissors and yarn needle

Foundation row: ch 32, sc, ch1, sc in the 2nd chain from hook. *skip 2 sc, sc, ch1, sc in the next chain* repeat until you are at the last chain, sc in that chain, ch 1, and turn.

Row 1: * sc, ch1, sc in the first sc, skip sc and ch 1, sc, ch1, sc in the next sc* repeat until you reach the last sc, ch1, sc, sc in the last sc.

Repeat row 1 until your dishcloth is a square.

Sc evenly around, doing 3 sc in the corners, if desired.

You could adapt this into a larger project. Do this by making a foundation chain with an even number of stitches.

I hope you get a chance to check out the video.

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