Brick Rib Hat

So back on January 10th I did the Broken Rib Hat post saying that I was not a fan of how the pattern was suppose to turn out. I had tried to make a hat from adapting a pattern from the 365 Knitting Stitches a Year Calendar I got from Christmas 2012. The original hat did not turn out as I wanted, so now I made another hat making the minor change needed to have the intended brick rib stitch.
I do like how it turned out.
 Here is a close up photo of the stitch

So to make this hat up, I used Red Heart Supersaver yarn. I used size 6 double pointed needles and casted on 90 stitches. I had 30 stitches over 3 double pointed needles.
Rows 1-4: [P2,K] around
Rows 5-8: [P, K2] around
Rows 9-12: [P,K,P] around
Repeat these 12 rows 2 more times, should have around 6-7 inches at this point. The decrease is now starting after finishing the final repeat (row 12)
Starting the decrease to make the crown:
Row 1: [P2tog, K, P2, K, P2, K] around
Row 2: [P, K, P2, K, P2, K] around
Row 3: [K2tog, P2,K,P2,K] around
Row 4: [K, P2,K,P2,K] around
Row 5: [P2tog, K2,P,K2] around
Row 6: [P, K2,P,K2] around
Row 7: [K2tog,K,P,K2] around
Row 8: [K2,P,K2] around
Row 9: [P2tog,P,K,P] around
Row 10: [P2,K,P] around
Row 11: [P2tog,K,P] around
Row 12: [P,K,P] around
Row 13: [K2tog,K] around
Row 14: K around
Row 15: K2tog around

Cut off a long tail, using a tapestry/ yarn needle run it through the loops to cinch the top. Finish off the ends.