Felted Circular Bag

 I do like felted bags. I had come across some free wool yarn. I had made a shawl with this. Not sure why I did this project knowing that it would have to be hand washed. I usually would felt wool yarn.

Back to this bag, I did not follow a pattern, I made two large circles and did a strap and bottom.
I made the bottom portion larger than the strap. Overall it is cute, but the purse feels like a basket with a strap

Sharing this with Ruby Tuesday.



  1. That is too cool. I crochet and I've made many things where I have strayed from the directions and it turned out pretty cool. Love what you did here. Gonna have to try something like that for my granddaughter. I'm sure she'd love something like that. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I admire people who can create items like this.


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