Some Video Making Updates

 What can I say, I still find it a challenge to make videos.

I planned on making a video on my mini squares, based on my Mini Granny Squares. I had scrapped that. Turns out the pattern I did on the video was not the same as in the blog.

For now I am working on my Granny Hat pattern. Turns out I had found a mistake in the pattern I had to correct. I am not sure when that video will be out. I am hoping by the end of the week.

In the process, I might of come across a potential baby hat. I had made a smaller version of the hat to re-shoot the last rounds of the hat.

So far I have two tutorials out. The textured shell pattern and the friendship shawl.  Right now these videos and other random videos are on my personal channel, I hope to have a dedicated channel for this blog.